Supplement Superheros

I feel so much healthier from where I started. The supplements I have taken gave immediate results. Alo Health was able to address my initial concerns along with concerns I didn’t know they could help!   – E.C.

Corrected by Nutrition

My ‘lightbulbs’ are: Over 40 your body slows the production of hydrochloric acid, so the amount of working enzymes in your digestive system decreases. That a lot of the food we eat isn’t digested properly in our system, so it sits in our stomach and ferments. That there are points throughout your body that are “connected” to different organs in our body and when pressure is applied to those points, they can tell us a lot about what is going on with our bodies. That so many symptoms can be corrected by nutrition and enzyme therapy, things like anxiety, arthritis, dry skin and insomnia.
– C.R.

Wonderful Seminars

The Alo Health seminars are wonderful. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, you learn a lot, and you can ask questions as needed. I learned about circulating immune complexes which are important to know about if you have an autoimmune problem.
– L.H.

Passionate and Compassionate

Kristyn is passionate and compassionate. She’s very knowledgeable about health issues and the importance of enzymes and overall nutrition. I attended one of her seminars and learned a lot about food and digestion. A healthy body can heal itself. She helps your body get healthy.
– P.B.

Very Good Speaker

You are a very good speaker, Kristyn. Easy to listen to, and making the science understandable.
– M.M.

An Amazing Heart

Kristyn has an amazing heart for helping others! She has a simple way of explaining how enzymes work and how important they are for your body. I didn’t realize the number of other health issues that are affected by your digestive health until hearing Kristyn. She was even able to help my dog with her allergies! Thanks Kristyn!
– T.V.


I heard Kristyn speak about nutrition. WOW! I loved that her advice is sensible and healthy! It does not require expensive shakes and supplements, but natural whole foods are the suggestion.
– K.M.

Very Helpful

I love ALO HEALTH. They have been very helpful in helping me feel so much better. After testing was done, they determined what my system has a hard time digesting. They suggested enzymes to help with that as well as help me to establish a healthy eating plan!!! If your sick and tired of not feeling well, making an appointment with ALO HEALTH is a must!! ALSO THEY DO AMAZING HELP FOR folks struggling with acid reflux! AND another major benefit is I have been sleeping SOOOOO much better. 🙂 If you are tired of having your food “fight” with you , it just may be that your body is trying to tell you to go to Alo health and have these amazing gals run you through some testing and find out the “truth about what your body is trying to tell you!! Kristyn can help you know what enzymes your body needs to help digest your food as well as a great healthy eating plan!! I AM SO THANKFUL I visited ALO HEALTH a little over a year ago. Happy tummy, happy day!!
~ L.L.

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