Tracy has been amazing with answering all my questions and educating me about all the things about digestion that I didn’t know were so important. I carry all my stress internally and after some supplements I have taken it has diminished almost all of my bloating and a lot of daily pain. I feel over all healthier and I feel like my body is working the way it should.

~ K.P.

Charlotte's Web: Yes! It (CBD Oil) makes a dramatic difference. Also helps significantly with sleep. So good!

~ T.R.

Charlotte's Web:  I have noticed a huge change in my sleep (finally getting some!) and my patience/mood, which is super helpful as a teacher this time of year!

~ A.K.

I just finished my program with Alo health and my results were amazing! I met so many of my health goals and the staff was excellent at guiding me with what I needed to heal my body. I can now digest my food without bloating and feeling over full after. I have increased energy, and the hand skin rash I seem to get every winter is now gone without any prescription creams this year to clear it!!! I just started my son’s program now who seldom sleeps through the night. 4 weeks into his program he’s now sleeping through the night consistently. Thanks so much Alo health and your amazing staff!!! 

~ K.J.

I had just received a flu shot two days prior to testing out the Zyto machine, and the Zyto program was able to pick that up and recommend the appropriate products to help my body process the vaccine!

~ C.K.

This Zyto service is awesome! It takes a few short minutes and knows what's going on in your body. This scan shows everything that's going on in your body from organs to emotions. I have known about having PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) for 6 years. When I had my scan done with the zyto machine it showed my ovaries were way out of the normal range that an organ should be in your body. I also suffered a traumatic loss at the end of August losing my brother-in-law, 2 nieces and nephew. I did my scan in the middle of October and some of my emotions weren't reading but I found out that is because they are exhausted. What's awesome about this scan is that it tells you what supplements you can take to help with what is going on in your body. Definitely recommend it!

~ B.M.

The Zyto report not only confirmed that I was under an unhealthy amount of stress, but also was able to pinpoint the emotions that were most plaguing me - frustration and fear, as well as determine which body organs were being affected by stress. It even pinpointed a tooth that had been giving me problems - an issue that I wasn't even being seen for that day! I was completely blown away by the accuracy of my Zyto reports!

~ K.L.

Just a quick note to say, "As I prepare for my daughter to go to church camp and Spanish camp this weekend and next, I am so thankful that I have “normal” prayers. Prayers of safety and health... not the old prayers of “lord, please please I’m begging that my daughter isn’t the girl in the bathroom all weekend”... 
Insert song 🎶 counting every blessing counting every blessing 🎶

~ J.H.

"I can’t say enough about everyone at Alo! I came in in such a bad state. After my first appt I wasn’t sure they could help me. The first few things we tried, my body rejected. But they would not give up! We worked til we found something that worked, then took off from there. I am amazed at how different I feel just 9 months later. Everyone is so kind, welcoming. I look forward to my appointments every month! Thanks to the entire staff for helping me on this journey and giving me my life back!!"

~ A.K.

Covered all the bases throughly. Everything was explained very well in terms I could understand. I am very confident on what to get at the store to eat and best foods to focus on for my current Healing and recovery after my emergency appendectomy resulting in complications including blood clots, that resulted in being hospitalized for over 3 weeks.

~ R.C.

When most people think of a 17 year old, they probably wouldn't associate the word colitis with it. I came to AloHealth having done almost every other medical testing possible(Or so it seemed to be every other testing possible). We had been to several different types of doctors, trying to find some answers. We had already made diet changes, and that was helping but not 100%. Finally, a diagnosis was made. Lymphocytic colitis. After feeling like we needed to do something else about it, we turned to AloHealth to see if the more natural way would help heal my gut. And, I can confidently say YES! My gut is now healing and I'm making great progress. The staff here played a huge role in helping with that success. They were great to work with and truly wanted me to get better. They were also helpful in showing the right steps I needed to take, and exploring different options. THANK YOU ALOHEALTH!

~ L.B.

I have been going to Alo Health for 7 months now, and can confidently say I am at the right place. The staff here are incredibly knowledgeable and their caring attitude makes you feel right at home. I’ve been on a health journey for the last 6 years and have had seen improvements since going to Alo that I did not experience at the last 3 places I’ve invested time and money at. Very thankful for Alo Health!

~ N.P.

I have been on a journey for the past three years to regain my health but still wasn't able to eat without side effects. Kristyn and Tracy figured out why I wasn't able to digest the food I was eating. It is wonderful to be able to eat again without side effects! All of the ladies at Alo Health are friendly and knowledgeable. They will meet you where you are at and answer all the questions you have along the way of your journey. Don't hesitate to call for a consult. You'll be glad you did!

~ R.S.

After completing the nourish program, I do not get as bloated and icky feeling like I used to ALL the time after eating. I also have a lot more energy. Tracy was very helpful in explaining the enzymes and how to incorporate a better diet.

~ S.V.

Kristyn & Tracy are knowledgeable, positive and diligent when it comes to improving your digestive system. Highly recommend them for anyone struggling with digestion.

~ J.R.

I finally feel digestively well and Alo Health is an answered prayer for this to be my year to get well.

~ V.M.

I am beginning my third month of healing. My fibromyalgia pain gone, migraines gone. I have had migraines since age 17 and up to 15 a month. I am finding I don’t miss the foods that hurt me. Bonus… ask me about my energy! Full disclosure, it has taken a few supplements to fix my gut and Align chiropractor. I had tried these things before but not with the patient supervision of ALO staff. Do something for yourself!

~ K.L.

After becoming carb intolerant, Kristyn and Tracy have done great things for me. I would highly recommend you visit them.

~ J.J.

I appreciate the ladies here and their endless support and knowledge. Expect to be greatly cared for when you come to Alo.

~ K.S.

I love Alo Health! The environment and the people are so encouraging!! I always leave in a better mood than when I came!

~ W.G.

I've had high cholesterol my whole life. Kristyn helped me to understand what the numbers really mean. I've learned how to shop for and eat food that keeps me healthy without stressing about numbers. Truly freeing and life changing!!

~ N.R.

My search for answers to a multitude of symptoms ended when I found Alo Health!!!

~ T.F.

Kristyn and her staff and helpful, knowledgeable and help guide you toward health and healing!

~ B.D.

The expertise and information provided by Alo is so valuable. You should go here for the health of it!

~ L.B.

Because of the insight gained through the Nutrition Course, I found out that my body wasn't properly digesting my food. I've been taking a digestive enzyme over the past month to help me get all the nutrition out of my food. Kristyn and team do a great job guiding you along your wellness journey!

~ D.S.

I just had my blood work done for my husband's new health insurance program. 2 years ago my cholesterol was 260, 1 year ago 205, today 161!!! Thank you!!

~ L.P.

I had an extremely positive experience at ALO Health. After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis I knew I needed alternative treatment to my prescribed medications. After going through the Nutrition and Lymphatic course, I started absorbing nutrients much better and haven't had any flare ups!

~ T.V.

Acid reflux is gone in 3 weeks! Congrats – you are all a HUGE part of that!!

~ L.K.

I've been working with Alo Health for three months. I have enjoyed learning more about supplements I can take to help my body digest foods better and be at optimal health.

~ G.F.

I love ALO HEALTH. They have been very helpful in helping me feel so much better. After testing was done, they determined what my system has a hard time digesting. They suggested enzymes to help with that as well as help me to establish a healthy eating plan!!! If your sick and tired of not feeling well, making an appointment with ALO HEALTH is a must!! ALSO THEY DO AMAZING HELP FOR folks struggling with acid reflux! AND another major benefit is I have been sleeping SOOOOO much better. :)

If you are tired of having your food "fight"with you , it just may be that your body is trying to tell you to go to Alo health and have these amazing gals run you through some testing and find out the "truth about what your body is trying to tell you!! Kristyn can help you know what enzymes your body needs to help digest your food as well as a great healthy eating plan!! I AM SO THANKFUL I visited ALO HEALTH a little over a year ago. Happy tummy, happy day!!

~ L.L.

I love Alo health. They truly want to help you find the root cause of the issues you are dealing with. Kristyn and her staff really do care about their clients! I highly recommend Alo health!!

~ M.H.

Very friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming staff. I went to see for hypothyroidism and recently diagnosed Hashimoto's due to still having issues with fatigue that seemed to progressively be getting worse, despite my own diet tactics of going gluten and dairy free. Going through Alo Health I learned I was not properly digesting food. I feel so much better having done their recommendations with use of a digestive enzyme. I was also not drinking enough water but wasn't thirsty either, they recommended an addition to water to help with this as well as a first step which all worked in conjunction with the other steps to improve my fatigue and other symptoms. Cannot recommend them enough! I would have done anything to feel better and I am so happy with the results, it is more than I could have expected and I finally feel "NORMAL" again.

~ A.S.

After 20 years of digestive problems and traditional therapies that never really seemed to fix the root of the problem, I had lost hope of ever feeling good again. I came to Alo Health desperate and admittedly a little skeptical. It was not an easy journey, as enzymatic nutrition therapy required a major shift in my diet and my thinking, but Kristyn was absolutely fabulous. She was my coach and my cheerleader every step of the way. With the help of her knowledge and encouragement, I pushed through the physical and emotional challenges and actually started to feel better little by little. Now three months later, if I were to compare side-by-side the person who sat in that first consult with the body I'm living in today, the difference is practically a miracle, and I don't use that word lightly. I no longer suffer from daily stomach pain which is something I did not believe would be possible. Thanks to Kristyn, I've found a new eating regimen that keeps me feeling healthy without feeling deprived. And I'm on my way to a new me; healthier, wiser about my nutrition choices, and free from constant discomfort, praise God!

~ B.K.

After two weeks of enzyme therapy, I weaned off my Prilosec with my doctor’s knowledge and feel great.

~ S.A.

I was able to get my blood sugar down from diabetic levels, so my doctor said he doesn’t need to prescribe any medication for diabetes.

~ W.N.

I’ve been having a hard time losing weight, but since starting the program, I’ve lost 25 pounds. Wow...all I can say is 'wow!

~ L.H.

Kristyn is very knowledgable & passionate about educating and helping others. Providing hope through enzymes and living food! Loved the Brain/Gut connection class, very informational! Recommend this to everyone!

~ Sharon S.

Kristyn really knows her stuff! Healing the body from the inside out! Very compassionate professional that leads you to a healthy lifestyle!

~ Amber G.

Since I have been seeing Kristyn, my life has changed in these positive ways. 1. I feel refreshed when I awake up in the morning. 2. I make better food choices by following the 80/20 rule. 3. Because I am feeling better, by my choice, I am medication free! Thanks to Kristyn for encouraging me to see a doctor, I have found out that I have acid reflux and now Kristyn has treated me for that. Kristyn is very empathetic, supportive, and intelligent person. Thanks for helping me!

~ D. E.

I've known Kristyn for 7 years. She has an amazing amount of information & the experience to help people sort through their issues and find the best solution! I learned a lot from her seminar & can't wait to get started on my own journey to health! Will never buy canned fruits or veggies again, that's for sure Lol - Great demo!!

~ Tracy D

You are a very good speaker, Kristyn. Easy to listen to, and making the science understandable.

~ M.M.

My 'lightbulbs' are:

  • Over 40 your body slows the production of hydrochloric acid, so the amount of working enzymes in your digestive system decreases.
  • That a lot of the food we eat isn't digested properly in our system, so it sits in our stomach and ferments.
  • That there are points throughout your body that are "connected" to different organs in our body and when pressure is applied to those points, they can tell us a lot about what is going on with our bodies.
  • That so many symptoms can be corrected by nutrition and enzyme therapy, things like anxiety, arthritis, dry skin and insomnia.
~ C. R.

I heard Kristyn speak about nutrition. WOW! I loved that her advice is sensible and healthy! It does not require expensive shakes and supplements, but natural whole foods are the suggestion.

~ Karie M.

The Alo Health seminars are wonderful. It's a relaxed atmosphere, you learn a lot, and you can ask questions as needed. I learned about circulating immune complexes which are important to know about if you have an autoimmune problem.

~ Lois H.

Kristyn is passionate and compassionate. She's very knowledgeable about health issues and the importance of enzymes and overall nutrition. I attended one of her seminars and learned a lot about food and digestion. A healthy body can heal itself. She helps your body get healthy.

~ Patrick B.

Kristyn has an amazing heart for helping others! She has a simple way of explaining how enzymes work and how important they are for your body. I didn't realize the number of other health issues that are affected by your digestive health until hearing Kristyn. She was even able to help my dog with her allergies! Thanks Kristyn!

~ Toni V.