Sustain Program

Enjoy the greatest value with this program! Includes our physical and lymphatic exam consults, 2 – 24 hour urinalyses and results consults, physical exam follow ups and our Quick and Advanced Zyto Scans throughout the program for a total of 10-11 consultations (typically monthly). This program is for the serious health-seeker who has suffered for several years with health issues, who has been on long-term or multiple medications or who seeks a holistic approach to their health concerns. Looking to get your body working right AND work on weight loss?  Ask about the Sustain Program that incorporates our Foods for Wellness Weight Loss Program. Once the program completes, the options are to graduate with a maintenance protocol or to add stand alone services as needed.  Please note that our program fees are non-refundable.

Service Program: Restore Health
Being wise with your time and finances is important to you. We want to help by giving you the ability to bundle services through a program; a great way to save time and money when multiple services are needed to restore your health. Programs allow various forms of testing to be used at each appointment giving the Practitioner the widest use of diagnostic, lab and physical exam tools. (No refunds available on products or services. Credit will be given on unopened products if returned within 1 week of purchase. No exceptions.)
Service Details
Appointment Durartion - 60(mins)  |  Total Cost: $1,900
Practitioner - Kristyn or Jen   |  Service Program - Restore Health

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