Renew Program (Remote)

This program is a great start for out-of-town people and includes 3-4 consultations (typically monthly). It includes a 24-hour Urinalysis, Urinalysis Results and Nutrition consult, and one follow-up consultation. Perfect for those who seek answers to their health concerns but haven’t suffered with long-term health issues or been on long-term medications. Once the program completes, the options are to graduate with a maintenance protocol, to upgrade to a longer program or to add stand-alone services as needed.
Please note that program fees are non-refundable.

Service Program: Out of Town Client - Remote Options
Not located in Northeast Wisconsin? That’s not a problem. Let us help you remotely with "Alo Remote" Services and Programs. We will provide information, test kits and consultations via email, mail and phone conversations.
Service Details
Appointment Durartion - 60(mins)  |  Total Cost: $675
Practitioner - Kristyn or Jen   |  Service Program - Out of Town Client - Remote Options

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