Foods For Wellness Weight Loss Program

You will have 4 total appointments lasting 45 minutes each. We will take measurements at the first and last appointments. Weight and blood pressure will be monitored at all appointments.
You will be provided with a “Foods For Wellness ZYTO scan” at each appointment. This scan will generate a list of foods most nourishing for your body and a list of foods for you to avoid for a period of time.
At each appointment, your practitioner will provide you with nutrition education and a strategy to implement until your next appointment.
Program cost is $549. In addition, we ask that you take a digestive enzyme while participating in the program to help you digest your food and aid in proper absorption. This enzyme supplement will be recommended by your practitioner based on your specific needs and is not part of the program cost.  Other supplements may be recommended on an individual basis.

Service Program: Restore Health
When purchasing a Strengthen or Sustain Program (Nourish Program and other packages excluded), we want to "Thank You" by including a FREE massage certificate. If you're committed to your care, we want to start you off with this healthful, stress-reducing service! Being wise with your time and finances is important to you. We want to help by giving you the ability to bundle services through a program, which is a great way to save time and money when multiple services are needed to restore your health. Programs allow various forms of testing to be used at each appointment, giving the Practitioner the widest use of diagnostic, lab and physical exam tools. As a thank you, we'd love to offer you a gift at the end of each program consult. (No refunds available on products or services. Credit will be given on unopened products if returned within 8 weeks of purchase. Credit will be given on services and may be rescheduled at your convenience.)
Service Details
Appointment Durartion - 45(mins)  |  Total Cost: $549
Practitioner - Kristyn or Jen   |  Service Program - Restore Health

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