24-Hour Urinalysis and Results Consult Package

Feeling less than healthy and unsure why? This lab test can pinpoint the reasons for that by collecting objective, scientific data. During the 24-Hour Urinalysis consult, we’ll review your health history, medication and supplement usage and talk through your health challenges. A full explanation of the Urinalysis lab will be given, including instructions for collection. You will leave the appointment with your lab kit to complete at home and will be notified when your results are received. During the Results Consult, you will meet with our Practitioner who will provide a full explanation of your urinalysis results. Recommendations will be made regarding dietary changes, supplement needs and lifestyle changes. Your questions will be answered, you’ll leave understanding your body’s biochemistry and you’ll know how to improve your health and well-being in a way that makes sense.
(Register for this package for a discounted price on the 24-Hour Urinalysis and Results Consults. If you’d like to pay for these two appointments separately, just contact us.

Service Program: Ala-Carte Service
We passionately believe that you should be the decision-maker in your wellness journey. Offering stand-alone services allows you to be in charge of your care in this season of your life. We look forward to partnering with you in whichever consultation you choose - you can't go wrong with any of these amazing options! As a thank you, we'd love to offer you a gift at the end of each paid visit, available at the reception counter. Not sure where to start? That's what the Introductory Consult is for-check it out and schedule today! (No refunds available on products or services. Credit will be given on unopened products if returned within 8 weeks of purchase. Credit will be given on services and may be rescheduled at your convenience.)
Service Details
Appointment Durartion - 60(mins)  |  Total Cost: $450
Practitioner - Kristyn, Jen or Shana   |  Service Program - Ala-Carte Service

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