Your Wellness Journey - Your Service Choices

We believe whole-heartily that your health goals and wellness journey should be guided by YOU. We want your choices to be effective in meeting your goals, so you can experience a sustainable, healthy life change. That's why we encourage a free phone consult before registering for services. 

Start with a Signature Consult

Signature Consult

Your health journey is as unique as your signature. That's why we have curated our Signature Consults.

In Person Signature Consults combine a thorough review of your health concerns, a physical palpation exam to identify stressed organs and systems (the lymphatic system as a priority) as well as biofeedback to assess for imbalances within your body.

Remote Signature Consults combine a thorough review of your health concerns and a unique assessment of your physical condition to identify stressed organs and systems (the lymphatic system as a priority).

At the end of this consult, you will have recommendations on supplements available at Alo that can support you as well as options to continue your wellness journey with Alo Health. 

Click on the option that best suits you below. 

PEMF Therapy

First Step Pulse PRO PEMF Package

Welcome to your PEMF Starter Pack.  Everyone begins their PEMF experience at Alo Health with this package of 3 Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy  Sessions (PEMF).  Do not proceed with booking this service if you have any implanted or unremovable electronic devices such as pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear implant or insulin pump. Also do not schedule this if you are pregnant, bleeding, have a magnetic shunt, or have a seizure disorder. Contact an Alo Health practitioner by phone or email with questions.  You are only eligible for this service if you have not had PEMF at Alo before.  Packages are non-refundable.

1-Hour PRO PEMF Session

Enjoy 1-Hour on our PRO PEMF chair or table.  Prior to your session, you will fill out a questionnaire.  Do not schedule this service if you have a pacemaker, implanted electronic device, cochlear implant or if you are pregnant.  If you are actively bleeding, consult with Alo prior to booking this service.

Service Packages

Simply Start

Not sure what is right for you? That's okay. Register for a Signature Consult to begin or start again at Alo Appleton. Jen will explain the process. If you are ready, you can purchase one of these packages. If you are not sure yet, you can choose to go appointment by appointment. No pressure. Ever.

Life is complicated enough. At Alo Appleton, we want to reduce your stress.

The Signature Consult is where you begin!

Quick, In-Person Services

Quick Zyto Supplement Scan (Stand-Alone Service)

This basic scan provides supplement recommendations for your body. There is no practitioner consultation with this self-service Zyto scan. You will receive a scan and be given a list and descriptions of the most beneficial supplements for your body. You then decide the supplements you would like to purchase based on your needs and product benefits. The detailed recommended product list and descriptions will be emailed to you as well.
*This service is only available for current Alo Clients who have completed a prior consultation with a practitioner.  This Quick Scan does not include a consultation with a practitioner or a Wellness Report. 

Investment $20 (supplements are additional)

Quick Foods For Wellness Scan (Stand-Alone Service)

This scan is designed for use after having a previous consultation with a practitioner.  A Foods For Wellness report will be emailed to you indicating positive and negative foods for your body. We consider this your "Alo Health grocery list." It is an incredibly practical resource used to choose healthy foods for your body. 
Does not include a consult with a practitioner. 

Investment $20 

Your Wellness Journey - Your Service Choices

Let us help you decide which wellness path can lead you to health freedom. There's never any pressure; only honest and caring conversation. Go ahead, schedule a free "what-do-I-have-to-lose" phone call with Jen.
Already an Alo Client? Give us a call at 920-221-3444 or email us at to set up the consult that fits best.