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This program is comprised of two parts: the Nutrition Course and the Lymphatic Course. Close to 100% of our clients complete the entire Nourish Program, which establishes a nutritionally balanced and toxin-free body; the perfect foundation needed to reach a new level of health and wellness. Once this program is complete, healing and repair during the Strengthen Program is more easily achieved and sustainable.

Clients’ learn how to properly nourish their bodies through nutrition and digestion. We test, make nutrition and digestive enzyme recommendations and provide the practical resources for successful implementation of this new lifestyle.

The Lymphatic System is responsible for removing all of the waste products produced by the trillions of cells in the body. A congested lymphatic system can prevent sustainable health from happening and is often responsible for many of the symptoms clients’ experience. This course cleanses the body of accumulated toxins through a four-to-five week lymphatic detox.

After proper nutrition and body cleansing, clients’ will heal specific tissues and organs through this program. Through additional lab testing and physical exams, we make further lifestyle and supplement recommendations. In this program, we partner with clients’ to heal their most difficult health issues.

For clients or non-clients who need specific guidance in a personalized coaching format to meet their health and wellness goals. Weight loss coaching, nutrition support, exercise motivation, sleep skills and stress management resources are just some of the specific topics we target. We will help you succeed, not matter what is hindering you.

We help children less than 10 years old restore their health naturally at a discounted rate than a regular program. Children respond so quickly when they digest great nutrition, so there's no need to wait to get them started.

This screening procedure is the best early warning system available today. Blood work identifies problems once already in disease-state, so should not be used for preventative health.

Screening Procedure: Our urinalysis testing procedure begins with the same standard screening tests performed in hospitals to recognize disease. Diabetes, liver and kidney disease, as well as urinary infection or inflammation, are first ruled out and referred before proceeding.

Physical Tests: Physical tests for color, cloudiness, volume and specific gravity are recorded. They are used to recognize abnormalities, including the kidney’s ability to clean the body.

Chemistry Tests: Complicated chemistry tests are performed, including an Indican evaluation to measure the presence of food in the colon that is putrefying; this creates irritants and toxins, which cause pain and inflammation.

Digestive Tests: The urinary sediment is evaluated for excessive crystal formations, which can indicate problems with digestion or excessive consumption of protein, sugar or fat.

Other tests that give the practitioner helpful information include measurements for pH, calcium and vitamin C.

This physical exam procedure is a useful technique that can answer many questions, such as: what dietary changes can be made to alleviate nutritional stress on the body; what food enzymes can be used to improve predigestion; can your digestive organs do what nature intended; which ones are being stressed; is your digestive system struggling to process carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fruits or vegetables; and is the colon properly eliminating waste products?

Our bodies need food, water, air and sleep to maintain health. You must be able to not only ingest, but also digest your food and utilize those nutrients. You must also be able to eliminate waste so your immune system is not overworked and health can be sustained.

Findings from a fasting palpation exam are compared to a second exam done 45 minutes after eating. By “palpating,” or “feeling” your abdomen before and after a meal, we will be able to determine what happens to each of your digestive organs when they are presented with food.

These findings, used in conjunction with a 24-Hour Urinalysis and a Signs and Symptoms Survey can usually pinpoint the true cause of digestive symptoms, which can also be the cause of other chronic symptoms.

Health and wellness topics are presented either at the Alo Health office, through Facebook Live, Youtube or off-site at corporations and community groups. Contact us to schedule a custom event.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) testing- Identifies overall cellular health, hydration status, mitochondrial functioning (biological aging verses chronological aging), cell membrane functioning, body composition (body fat, body lean), basal metabolic rate (energy production), impedance index (inflammation and oxidative stress). *The BIA does not diagnose disease, but measures the level of cellular health.

Chi Vitalizer Therapy- Maintain a healthy lymphatic system, improve circulation and oxygenation, balance the body's energy and experience rejuvenation and relaxation during a 15-minute session.

USANA supplementation- Maintain health with pharmaceutical-grade vitamin, mineral and dietary supplementation. Enroll in the auto-ship program to receive special Alo Health offers, discounts or free services.

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