Enzyme Nutrition, by Enzyme Formulations, Inc.

Good Manufacturing Practices: Enzyme Formulations®, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality enzyme supplements available.

Our products are manufactured exclusively by manufacturers in the United States that have been certified FDA GMP compliant by an independent third party. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, which are a set of guidelines drafted by the Food and Drug Administration specifically for the dietary supplement industry. These GMPs are similar to pharmaceutical GMPs in some important respects. They address everything from raw material handling and sampling through the manufacturing process to finished goods and product labeling. We ensure our manufacturers' continued compliance with the current FDA GMPs with an independent annual audit when needed.

Our manufacturers must provide a certificate of analysis for each lot number shipped to our Madison, WI headquarters for distribution. This certificate of analysis must indicate that the product meets our specifications for purity and safety. We then employ certified independent laboratories to randomly re-test the finished product and confirm the manufacturer's provided certificate of analysis. These laboratories verify the products meet EFI's specifications using the most advanced equipment and test methods, including HPLC and GC-MS. These laboratories are also used to perform independent microbiological tests to ensure supplement purity and safety.

Existing Client Supplement Reorders:

Alo Health - Kristyn Madalinski