Are you experiencing long-standing, complicated or unanswered health problems? Perhaps you’ve consulted several health care practitioners where sophisticated and high-priced tests have been performed. We specialize in digging deeper, looking at the body as a whole and healing the individual holistically. It’s time for a change!

Enzyme Nutrition

If the tests proved to be negative but you are still experiencing symptoms, then rejoice: you are probably not diseased! When the cause has not been identified medically, the problem often lies in the area of diet and nutrition. That means that the healthcare professionals at Alo Health, LLC trained in digestive health and food enzymes, can identify the cause of your stress and help you get rid of those annoying symptoms-now!

You may be one of the many consumers who have tried to make supplemental vitamins, minerals and the latest magic-bullet nutraceuticals work for you. Unfortunately, as you may have discovered, over 25,000 such chemical compounds have now been identified and finding the one for your body is nearly impossible without proper testing.

However, when all else fails, we have the answer to make nutrition work.

Modify the diet

No diet will be beneficial for everyone because every body is so unique biochemically. Nutritional objectivity means that individuals should be examined, tested and supplied specific nutrients to help their body meet increased nutritional demands and to support the healthy functions of their body.

Understanding the symptoms of carbohydrate, protein and lipid (fatty acid) deficiency can assist in discovering what is happening nutritionally in the body. Very generally speaking, if the following symptoms occur, diet modification is needed: headache, gas, bloating, heartburn, less than one bowel movement per day, soft bowel movements more than three times per day, irritability, restlessness, unable to tolerate stress, stiff or sore joints.

Improve Digestion with Food Enzymes

Oddly, the one thing that has the capability of performing work in the body is being slowly and systematically removed from the modern diet: food enzymes. While our foods are fortified with certain nutrients, like calcium, folic acid, vitamins D and B12, the food enzymes that were once found in the raw forms are not being replaced. Lab testing is needed to properly identify which enzymes an individual body is lacking and supplementation is required to properly nourish the body to reverse symptoms.

Support the Body Nutritionally

Having modified the diet and improved digestion, the attention must be turned to stress. Stress comes in three forms: mechanical, nutritional or emotional. Regardless of the kind of stress, the body always reacts the same way. Organs and organ systems respond to imbalances caused by stress by speeding up or slowing down, whichever is needed to return that balance within the cells and tissues back to normal. The speeding up or slowing down of organs produces noticeable symptoms.

Identifying exactly what nutrients are needed for exactly which tissues can be very difficult to ascertain, but the Food Enzyme Practitioners at Alo Health, LLC are trained to do just that with their specialized training.

Magnify Your Progress with PEMF

Alo Health in Appleton recently launched Pulse XLPro PEMF Therapy. PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. This therapy used magnetic fields to reach deep into your body at the cellular level to open up the cell walls to allow more nutrients in and more waste products out. Think of energy as a nutrient that your body constantly needs more of. When we are drained of that energy, we develop symptoms. When we charge that energy back up we tend to function better and feel better.

Could this benefit you? We think so! And everyone can try it out at the introductory price of 3 – 1 hour sessions for $99. Once you complete the introductory sessions, you will have the choice to continue by purchasing a package, come back for individual sessions or simply be done (some people resolve issues in their first 3 sessions and that is SO COOL!)

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Disclaimer: Alo Health, LLC provides nutritional consulting and health education and does not practice medicine. Alo Health, LLC does not diagnose illness or disease, treat illness or disease, prescribe medications, practice medicine or replace the care of a physician. Any mention of medications during the course of a health consultation or health education program is strictly for the purpose of completing a health history and not for assessing the appropriateness of the medication.