November 1, 2021  About That Sugar Monster . . .

Tips to get rid of the Sugar Monster . . .
Step #1: Get rid of it. Out of site, out of mind. In my experience - away in the closet is not far enough away if I've been bitten by the sugar monster. I have to pack it up & ship it out of the house.

Step #2: Hydrate properly. This is a standard health tip that I have to sneak in every chance I get.

Step #3: Get enough nutrients in during your meals. Sugar cravings tend to consume us when we are not getting enough nutrients. Your brain is a sugar hog. Sugar is the easiest form of quick energy. But it also gets stored as fat when we take more in than we need right away. I recommend breaking your fast with protein when possible. Fat tends to follow protein (& we do need to eat fat). Veggies are key to getting in your minerals & vitamins as well as your fiber to keep your microbiome happy. Your microbiome takes a hit when you overconsume sugars - so amp these up as you fight the sugar monster.

Of course - making sure you digest, absorb, & eliminate properly is key to overall health. Alo loves to help identify what your body is doing with the foods you are putting in. Reach out if you need more help taming that beast of a sugar monster! 

May 2, 2021  It's not CHEATING!

Why do you refer to conscious choices of food that may not be good for you as cheating?  Better yet, why do people plan cheat meals or even cheat days?  When you think about it in relationship terms, that's just downright crazy, am I right? 

Where am I going with this?  You have a relationship with yourself (some of us carry on conversations with ourselves - don't judge).  You also have a relationship with food.  It's not creepy or weird. It's a real thing.  And some of you need to sit down with someone for a serious evaluation of your food relationship coping skills.  Stop cheating on yourself!

Now you're ready to click off of this because I'm being all judgey and expecting perfection in your food choices.  WAIT!  I'm not saying that at all.  In fact, I usually say to fully enjoy every single bite of that delicious, mouth-watering, decadent dessert or those regular fast food French fries.  ENJOY.  EVERY.  BITE!  But it's not cheating.  You don't cheat on yourself.  From this point forward you only treat yourself with love and kindness. 

Again, you can make the conscious choice to eat not-perfect for you things.  Take your enzymes!!  This will help reduce the stress that less than perfect food may place on your digestive system.  Some people tell me, "I decided to just stop taking the enzymes because I knew that I was going to eat like crap during my vacation."  PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!  Again, if you make the conscious decision to eat less than ideal (or even way less than ideal) at any time, take your enzymes.  Heck, you might even want to take some extra ones to counteract the bloating, gas or indigestion that may result.

Why do I give this advice?  Everything that we expose ourselves to will have an effect on us.  Everything.  When we choose to expose ourselves to less than ideal foods, although they may result in gas, bloating or indigestion, they might be fulfilling another purpose.  They might be nourishing a memory or a tradition.  And as long as you don't have an allergy or severe intolerance to a certain food (nuts, gluten, dairy), the consumption of it once a year or for a special event might be tolerated.  It might cause you stress to not take part in it.

If you have ill effects after consuming whatever it is . . .  then you have a conscious reminder of why you might not want to partake in consuming this again.  This is where it gets interesting . . . because some people continue to take part in consuming these things that they truly know are causing a problem.  We need to explore this further.  Most people do not desire to run to the toilet after a meal as they are doubled over in pain and wondering if they will make it to the privacy of a bathroom before their intestines blow out their - ahem, you know.  

Full disclosure - I ate 3 bags of Skittles this past week.  It really happened.  It was a conscious decision.  After the first bag, I definitely had more sugar cravings - so much that I ate the second one that same night.  I didn't sleep that great that night.  The next day I had a headache when I woke up.  But there was a third bag left.  A few days later - I ate it.  The cravings were fierce and I decided to just eat them.  Not a great choice.  Not a great feeling.  So I decided that I needed to love myself since then.  I had to make a plan not to sabotage myself because I like myself.  I love myself.  I want to feel alert, energized and sharp.  Consuming that amount of sugar and food dye had my concentration all messed up.  So - now you know that I'm not perfect with choices - but I did not cheat.  I learned from my not so great choices.  Now I am focusing on healthy function and the foods that support normal, healthy function.  

I was lacking protein and fat last week.  My body was squirreling around looking for quick energy (glucose).  So since then, I have been focusing on being prepared.  I'm planning for the week with meal options that will nourish, strengthen and sustain my whole body, mind and spirit.  

We all learn as we go.  Progress over perfection :)