FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alo help me with my health concern ?

It's important for you to know that Alo practitioners, technicians, representatives, contractors and volunteers do not practice medicine. We do not diagnose, treat, or cure diseases like irritable bowel, acid reflux, autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, chronic pain, or cancer. We specialize in supporting normal, healthy function. We believe that the body can overcome symptoms when provided with the right nourishment and with elimination of stress. It is important that you consult with your medical provider for disease related issues. Any reference to medications is for informational use only. 

Do you see kids?

YES!  We see people of all ages at Alo Appleton.

Do you see guys?

YES!  We see guys at Alo Appleton.

Does Alo offer remote services?

YES!  We have remote services available via phone or virtual platform.
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What do enzymes do?

Digestive enzymes pre-digest food and support a healthy immune response. 

What if I forget to take my enzymes?

It happens to the best of us! You are human! Of course, we want you to take them because they can't help your body when they stay in the bottle. If you forget to take your "with meals" enzyme at the beginning or during your meal, go ahead and take them after. Give yourself some grace. If you are having a difficult time taking your enzymes as recommended, reach out to us. We can work together to make your schedule manageable. 

How do I take "empty stomach" enzymes?

"Empty stomach" means that there is no food in your stomach while the enzymes are passing through. By taking enzymes on an empty stomach, they are not used up digesting food. They go past digestion to work on other things in the body. Your stomach is usually empty 2 hours after you eat. When taken on an empty stomach, the enzymes usually pass through your stomach within 1 hour from taking them. So as a general rule, when you are advised to take them on an empty stomach, you should avoid eating for at least 1 hour.

How long will I need to take the supplements?

Here at Alo, we strongly recommend a digestive enzyme with most meals due to today's food supply being stripped of its enzymes. When most people begin their wellness journey, there may be 2 to 4 supplements recommended. Jen aims to reduce that as quickly as possible. This is achieved by focusing on what the physical assessment, signs and symptoms, and urine panel (if applicable) indicate. Every body is different. And every individual experiences stress in a different way. The goal is to relieve the stress by supplementing where needed, eliminating stress whenever possible, and making changes to lifestyle, mindset, and nutrition in a sustainable manner. Remember, wellness is not a sprint, it's a marathon. Small changes over time make longer lasting impacts overall. 

Have more questions about Alo's enzymes?

Most of our enzymes are sourced from Loomis Enzymes.  Here is a link to their website: Loomis Enzymes.

Will insurance cover anything at Alo?

Alo does not file insurance. We also do not practice medicine so do not have diagnosis or treatment codes required for insurance purposes. It is up to you to check with your insurer or benefits professional to see if you qualify for reimbursement. Most people are able to use their HSA or FSA without problems. Please check with your benefit provider.
Alo will gladly email you your receipts for any services or supplements.

Does Alo have payment plans?

Alo has curated a variety of ways to access our services to make it affordable for most. We accept most credit cards, HSA cards, cash, and checks. Alo does not have payment plans. All service fees are required prior to receiving services.

Can I purchase supplements even if I am not a current Alo client?

Simple answer: YES! There are some specialty supplements that require a consultation, otherwise, you are welcome to browse our supplements for purchase. By purchasing any supplement at Alo, you are accepting all responsibility for your decision to take said supplements. All sales are final. Shipping is available.
We carry professional grade supplements with proven efficacy.
We carry different lines of full spectrum H E M P Extract - including THCFree products to help balance your body.
Looking for something specific? Just Ask Alo by emailing: [email protected]. We may be able to special order something for you.