Food Sensitivities: Is Your Food Fighting You?

Multitudes of people eat a restricted diet due to food sensitivities. It’s one of the most common things we see in our office. We hate that. What we hate more is the typical expense of diagnosing it. Then, a lengthy, restrictive diet is needed to treat it and resolve symptoms, which can include exhaustion, migraines, stomach pain, gas, bloating, emotional meltdowns or eczema, just to name a few.

We recognize food sensitivities as digestive issues. Let me explain. When carbs, fats or proteins are eaten, they have to be completely digested to be used by the body. If this doesn’t happen, undigested nutrients absorb into the bloodstream. Food particles circulating in the blood cause the immune system to react and circulating immune complexes are formed. These complexes attack the nutrient particles. This attack is what causes the food sensitivity reaction.

Need some good news? Through our programs, we determine how well the body digests carbs, fats and proteins. Once we know what nutrients aren’t digesting, causing the immune response, we recommend the appropriate supplement to digest what the body can’t. Immune complexes are no longer formed, so reactions stop. And that’s a beautiful thing. A restrictive diet also works because the offending food stops being put into the body, no longer eliciting the immune response. In our opinion, we’d rather properly digest food instead of avoiding it all together. Resolving food sensitivities doesn’t have to be so lengthy, restrictive or expensive! We think that’s very good news!