Alo Health, LLC offers individual health and wellness programs as well as community-based support groups and educational seminars. Their nutritional and enzyme therapy helps to improve digestion and overall health, while often reducing the need for prescription drugs.

Can you help me?

Alo Health, LLC accepts three groups of clients: 1) Those dealing with digestive health symptoms specifically (i.e. acid reflux, IBS, Crohn’s, gall bladder issues, elimination issues etc.), 2) Those suffering from chronic health symptoms seemingly unrelated to digestive health (Fibromyalgia, arthritis, thyroid imbalance, anxiety, depression etc.), and 3) Those looking to be proactive with their health and stop chronic issues before they start. Alo Health, LLC does not practice medicine, but makes recommendations to improve nutritional imbalances in the body, which, in turn, causes long-term symptoms to disappear as a natural part of restorative health. Acute illness complaints will be referred to the client’s medical doctor.

Does insurance cover Alo Health, LLC services or supplements?

Preventative or restorative health consulting is typically not covered by insurance. We do not bill insurance companies directly, but will provide documentation, free of charge, if you choose to apply for reimbursement yourself. Most HSAs or flexible spending accounts do pay, however, for Alo Health, LLC’s services and supplements.

What happens if I am late, miss or have to cancel my appointment?

Late appointments will not be extended beyond the allotted time and the fee for the original appointment will be charged. A 24-hour notice for cancellations is required. Missed appointments will not be refunded and will be charged at full price (or be deducted from program sessions). Cancellations less than 24-hours notice will result in a $25.00 charge.

What is the Food Enzyme Institute (formerly Loomis Institute) where our Practitioners received their Digestive Health Specialist certification?

The Food Enzyme Institute is a postgraduate educational program that is approved by the State of Wisconsin Educational Approval Board. The seminar material is the work of Howard F. Loomis, Jr., DC, FIACA. Dr. Loomis has combined the work of food enzyme pioneer, Edward Howell, MD, with his many years of clinical experience to develop this certification program. The philosophy behind the Food Enzyme Institute is based on the vitalistic premise that the body possesses an innate intelligence to heal and maintain itself when it is given the proper amounts of air, water, nutrients, and exercise. It is our goal as practitioners of the healing arts to identify those organs that are struggling to do their part for the maintenance of homeostasis. The Loomis System®, developed by Howard Loomis, Jr., is a system of diagnostic techniques that can be used to determine the hidden causes of chronic symptoms. All stress, whether it is from a mechanical, chemical, or emotional source, increases the body’s need for nutrition. The Loomis System® focuses on this need because when the body does not have the adequate nutrition to meet the increased stress, the results are always the same.

What company does Alo Health, LLC use for nutritional supplementation?

Alo Health, LLC primarily recommends supplements from Enzyme Formulations, Inc. From EFI: “Our products are manufactured exclusively by manufacturers in the United States that have been certified FDA GMP compliant by an independent third party. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, which are a set of guidelines drafted by the Food and Drug Administration specifically for the dietary supplement industry. These GMPs are similar to pharmaceutical GMPs in some important respects. They address everything from raw material handling and sampling through the manufacturing process to finished goods and product labeling. We ensure our manufacturers’ continued compliance with the current FDA GMPs with an independent annual audit when needed. Our manufacturers must provide a certificate of analysis for each lot number shipped to our Madison headquarters for distribution. This certificate of analysis must indicate that the product meets our specifications for purity and safety. We then employ certified independent laboratories to randomly re-test the finished product and confirm the manufacturer’s provided certificate of analysis. These laboratories verify the products meet EFI’s specifications using the most advanced equipment and test methods, including HPLC and GC-MS. These laboratories are also used to perform independent microbiological tests to ensure supplement purity and safety.”