Extinguish Acid Reflux Naturally

When I was a nurse working in the hospital, there were time restrictions in place regarding acid reflux medication usage. Before the six-week mark on the medication, a weaning process was started, as long-term use was known to be potentially harmful. Today, these medications are often life-long prescriptions.

We are passionate about educating people on the associated risks of long-term acid reflux medication usage. People need to understand. We really love educating folks on the good news of how they can heal their stomach and esophageal lining in order to no longer need those medications. Let me explain how that healing occurs.

Our entire digestive system needs to be coated with a thick, protective mucous lining. That lining protects the underlying cells from being damaged. In the stomach, damage occurs when hydrochloric acid is released during eating. If the stomach has lost it’s protective lining, the acid will come in contact with the stomach cells and heartburn is felt at a minimum or ulcers can be formed. (While most people do NOT secrete too much hydrochloric acid in the stomach, the assumption is that they do and acid reducing medications are ordered. Most people, in reality, have the perfect amount of acid, but don’t have the stomach lining to protect itself from it.)

In order to heal the stomach and esophagus, the mucus lining must be replaced, so irritation to the stomach lining stops. We also have to discover what caused the lining to disappear in the first place. A lack of digesting food or any type of stress, for example, causes the lining to disintegrate. Lab testing and physical exams help us uncover the cause of the problem, so we can begin to heal. Within four to eight weeks, most people heal enough to discuss prescription-weaning schedules with their doctors.

We are passionate about restoring health and resolving symptoms, so hope can be found and life can be lived to the fullest.