Digestive Woes :IBS, Colitis, and Crohn’s Disease

Our digestive tract is amazing and complex, but it sometimes doesn’t behave the way it was intended. When bowel symptoms occur, we may notice spasms, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, ulcerations or bleeding. This can progress into significant weight loss and emotional symptoms, such as anxiety and depression. There is a “brain-gut connection” that is very real. These symptoms aren’t “in a person’s head;” they are physically based.

Living with any of these disorders is often debilitating and life altering. There’s good news, though. The colon is capable of incredible healing, if given what is needed to properly digest and absorb nutrients, decrease inflammation, normalize the stools, heal ulcerated areas in the colon and relax spasms. The key to each individual’s healing is knowing the cause of his or her symptoms and then creating a plan to counteract that cause. One person may have a congested lymphatic system, which is causing widespread inflammation, including the bowel lining. Another may not be digesting protein well and the larger nutrients are causing “leaky” gut issues, leading to symptoms. Yet another may have an improper bacterial or yeast infestation in the intestines causing toxicity, which also leads to inflamed tissue.

At Alo Health, we offer no “magic bullets.” We don’t have one suggestion for the general population because everyone is so different. We offer services that provide lab testing, physical exams and thorough health histories that determine the cause and then we make recommendations to cause healing to occur.

Many of our clients are under a physician’s care and we are happy about that; we don’t provide medical care or advice. We work with individuals to compliment the care they are currently receiving. By following nutrition recommendations and taking specific enzyme therapy supplements, progress is typically made and doctors are pleased with the outcome. The client’s health improves and they become better managed. That is a win for everyone!