Congested Lymphatic System: 80%-90% are Affected

If you don’t clean the water in the fish bowl, the fish will be swimming in it’s own waste. 

If your body is not efficiently eliminating waste products, your body is a dirty fish bowl. We want you to have a “clean fish bowl” so that your body can work efficiently!

The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body where waste products are carried through the lymphatic vessels to be eliminated from the body. The lymphatic fluid coursing through the vessels becomes thick and congested and waste products accumulate when your stress increases and your activity level decreases. Health can’t be obtained or maintained with a clogged system!

Let’s slow down and get a bit more specific with WHERE those waste products come from in the first place. For starters, the trillions of cells in your body are just like you. Every one of them eats and excretes. They create waste that is toxic to your body. And when your body is under stress, your cells work harder and faster to counteract that stress. In order to do this, the cells take in more nutrition and subsequently excrete more waste products. Also, every thing you breathe, put on your skin or into your mouth has the potential of containing waste products. If you live in an industrial environment, for example, chemicals are released into the air, so it’s inevitable they get into your body through your lungs. Additionally, non-organic and processed foods contain chemicals or hormones that need to be detoxed by the body. Body products, like lotions, deodorants and perfumes, also contain similar ingredients that get absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the pores and can be even more toxic to the body as a result. (We’ll get to the good news in a bit; no need to get depressed!).

Next, let’s talk about HOW this system becomes congested. First, it’s important to know that unlike the circulatory system, which has a heart to pump the blood around, the lymph system has no pump. It’s called a “passive system.” Proper breathing, stretching, and activity provide the pumping action. Back in the days of planting and harvesting our food by hand and washing our clothes using a washboard, we created plenty of pumping action daily. Since we’re more sedentary now, it’s no wonder the fluid stays pretty stagnant in our vessels. Second, when we breathe correctly, our diaphragm actually moves up and down and provides a lymphatic pumping action. Proper breathing involves our abdomen moving in and out upon inhalation and exhalation. How many people do you know like to stick their bellies out when they breathe? Hence our lymphatic problems!

The great news (finally) is that we can very successfully and easily decongest and clean this system through “physical medicine” techniques and supplementation. Every client we see gets an initial lymphatic exam before anything else. If needed, we detox that system before moving on to the next priority. Some “physical medicine” techniques include lymphatic breathing (see attached instructional video), dry brushing, rebounding and lymphatic massage. The supplementation we use allows natural ingredients to get into the lymphatic vessels, liquefy the thickened fluid, thus releasing toxins into the bloodstream. From there, it goes through the various detox routes and is eliminated from the body. That’s a beautiful cleanup process