With highlights, healthy living tips, new events at Alo, the low down on Addie the super puppy, and updates on Alo on the Go; there’s so much to learn about and you can now find it all in one place! Happy reading, friends!

Alo Health is Here for YOU

It’s been an interesting year, right? Let us know how we can help you! We hear you. We see you. We are Here for YOU!

Stay tuned for exciting offerings from Alo Health!

Healthy Living Tips

Get adequate sleep! Our bodies need rest. While everyone is different with their needs, getting around 8 hours of sleep a night is generally recommended.

Avoid sugary and processed foods. Yes, we all need carbohydrates. But steering clear of processed foods, candy, soda, and fast carbs (those that spike your blood sugar quickly) can help you stay healthier overall. Be careful not to substitute artificial sweeteners for the real stuff just so you can drink that soda though. That can cause a whole slew of other nasty side effects.

Wash your hands! Sounds simple, but many earn a failing grade in this subject. Friction and time are your friends when washing your hands. No need for fancy soaps or hand sanitizers (they often contain toxic ingredients that stress your system). Be sure to wash your hands prior to eating, touching your mouth or nose, when you get home, after touching computer screens or phones, and before bed.

Stay home when you don’t feel well. I know, it’s inconvenient. But when you are under the weather, your body tells you to rest. Those who share your work or school space with you will appreciate that you don’t share your germs with them.

Alo Partners

There is so much to share with you at Alo Health Wellness Clinic. We, Jen and Kristyn, are supporting Alo Superheroes on their quests to healthier living (and those Superheroes are knocking it out of the park!). Toni is truly THE Super Assistant of Alo. She keeps us organized and prepared to provide the best care to our clients. Addie is growing up so quickly! She still follows a nap schedule but she just might greet you when you come in.

Alo is proud to be home to:

  • Sprout Family Chiropractic with Dr. Kali Sawyer, DC.

Stop in for Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract products for you and your pet. We have oil, gummies, lotion, balm, essential oil/CBD roll-ons & pet treats. 

Addie’s Adventures

Addie Grace is in the clinic and ready to greet you with her stuffed animal. She is still a teenager with a lot of spunk (and sometimes a little sass). Special THANK YOU to Goldendoodle Acres for being so excellent in what they do!

Alo On The Go

Alo services may be available in a town near you! If you have a group of people who are interested in Alo Health services in person, let us know. We may be able to take Alo to YOU.

Do you live outside of the Appleton area and want to consult with Alo? Contact Jen or Kristyn to discuss options. We also offer Alo Remote Services for those who desire one on one phone consultation. Contact us for pricing.

Alo Health is expanding to the U.P.! That’s right! Kristyn is moving closer to her roots which means Alo will soon have TWO home towns! We are SUPER EXCITED about this opportunity.

Getting Started with Alo

Have you wondered how we help our super hero clients? Are you wondering how we might help YOU on your wellness journey? We have the perfect way for you to find out in a no pressure, FREE consult. We offer 15 minute FREE phone consults. You can register online, call us at 920-221-3444 or email at info@alohealthllc.com. You are always welcome to stop in at Alo. We love sharing our space with you. We just can’t guarantee 1:1 consultations if you stop in without an appointment.