Meet Jen

Jen Borley RN, MSN is the owner of Alo Health, LLC.  She is a Food Enzyme Institute Certified Digestive Health Professional and the Chief Wellness Officer at Alo Health. She graduated from Bellin College of Nursing with a Bachelors of Nursing degree in 1998. Jen’s nursing career has been diverse and has spanned the entire lifespan. She has cared for and guided women during pregnancy, helped deliver babies in labor and delivery, worked in orthopedics, neurology, mental health, home health, public health, long term care and hospice. Her desire to expand her knowledge lead her to complete her Masters in the Science of Nursing from Gonzaga University in 2011 in Nursing Education. She has served as adjunct faculty at colleges in Green Bay and the Fox Valley.

Jen is dedicated to lifelong learning. Her drive to uncover the root cause of symptoms lead her to explore holistic and alternative approaches to wellness when traditional treatments were not effective for autoimmune and hormone issues. She believes that people can reach their wellness goals with education, determination and support. As an Alo Health Practitioner, Jen works with each client to optimize their wellbeing.

Jen and her husband, Scott, have three boys and live in De Pere. She enjoys spending time with her family, hiking in nature, and learning more about God's healing gifts on this planet. 

“Our bodies and minds have amazing capabilities! When we nourish our cells adequately, reduce toxic exposure, manage stress appropriately and allow ourselves to rest, we can find balance. I love guiding people on their wellness journeys. Having overcome multiple autoimmune issues using holistic practices, my passion is helping others realize their full wellness potential.” ~Jen

Meet Toni

Toni Ver Voort  is the lead, Level 3 Certified, PEMF & Treatment Technician at Alo Appleton. She keeps everything running at Alo with grace and unwavering faith. She continues to be Manager of the Ver Voort household. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her four children and husband, Brian. She enjoys taking long walks with her dog, Addie. Toni is dedicated to helping clients feel better while making healthy changes to their lives.

Sprout Family Chiropractic

Alo Appleton is the home to Dr. Kali Sawyer with Sprout Family Chiropractic. She is AMAZING!

Longevity Center

Is Thermography right for you? Find out more by contacting Jenny Steger. She provides scans about every 3 months at Alo Health.

Aligned for You

Born out of a desire to create camaraderie over competition within the holistic health space, a.h.h.a. is a network of holistic health experts with the mission to help each other help you. We all have unique gifts and strengths. When we work together  we all benefit.

Alo Health, Appleton

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