Who are the people behind this clinic and what drives their passions? They are people like you; they have lived with chronic health issues with seemingly no relief in sight. Because they were tired of being health victims, they fought back…hard. They found hope, healing, and relief. That’s the passion that drives them to help others. Our staff knows, cares and desires to help you find healing, too. Read on.

Kristyn Madalinski, RN, Clinic Director

Kristyn Madalinski, RN, Certified Digestive Health Specialist, overcame her chronic health issues naturally using diet and nutritional supplementation and is passionate about offering similar hope and healing to others. Chronic health disorders, digestive or otherwise, often start with nutritional excesses or deficiencies. Proper testing finds the cause and defines the recommendations needed to restore health and wellness.

After receiving her Registered Nursing license in 1992, Kristyn Madalinski worked her first twelve years in traditional medicine before launching a restorative health practice.

After receiving a diagnosis of depression, starting medication, and being told she would need that medication lifelong, she started researching the disease. She discovered an integrative medical approach to depression and underwent alternative medical treatment. Within six months, she weaned off her medications and has been thriving ever since.

That event changed the course of her career and she has practiced in the restorative health field since her recovery. She has received training under holistic practitioners and has been a health and wellness coach for hundreds of individuals. Her passion is to unlock health and wellness by finding the true cause of chronic disease symptoms. Her certification as a Digestive Health Specialist from the Loomis Institute in Madison, Wisconsin enables her to do just that.

Jen Borley, RN, Digestive Health Professional, Clinic Practitioner

Jen Borley is a Food Enzyme Institute Certified Digestive Health Professional at Alo Health. She graduated from Bellin College of Nursing with a Bachelors of Nursing degree in 1998. Jen’s nursing career has been diverse. She has cared for and guided women during pregnancy, helped deliver babies in labor and delivery, worked in orthopedics, neurology, mental health, home health, public health, long term care and hospice. Her desire to guide another generation lead her to complete her Masters in the Science of Nursing from Gonzaga University in 2011. She has served as adjunct faculty at colleges in Green Bay and the Fox Valley.

Jen is dedicated to lifelong learning. Her desire to uncover the root cause of symptoms lead her to explore holistic and alternative approaches to wellness when traditional treatments were not effective for autoimmune issues. She believes that people can reach their wellness goals with education, determination and support. As an Alo Health Practitioner, Jen works with each client to reach their full potential.

Jen and her husband, Scott, have three boys and live in De Pere. When she’s not cheering her boys on along a sideline or in a gym, she likes to tend to her garden, practice photography, watch her chickens, and spend time with family and friends. Her passion for well-being compels her to continue learning, so you will often find her taking courses to expand her knowledge base.

“Our bodies and minds have amazing capabilities! When we nourish our cells adequately, reduce toxic exposure, manage stress appropriately and allow ourselves to rest, we can find balance. I love guiding people on their wellness journeys. Having overcome multiple autoimmune issues using holistic practices, my passion is helping others realize their full wellness potential.” ~Jen

Shana Hussin, RD, Digestive Health Professional, Clinic Practitioner

Shana Hussin, RD, is a Certified Digestive Health Professional. She has over fifteen years experience working in the medical field as a registered dietitian and health coach, and has worked in outpatient nutrition, workplace wellness, and sports nutrition settings. She also taught a variety of fitness classes for many years. Shana is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point where she studied dietetics and psychology. In addition to her work in the medical field, she has taught children of all ages in the school setting.

Chronic health and devastating autoimmune challenges within her own family that would not resolve using conventional medications forced her to search out root causes of disease. Despite multiple medical experts telling her otherwise, Shana strongly believed in the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself given the right environment, nutrition and building materials. Throughout her professional journey, Shana has realized there is no one perfect diet or lifestyle plan that will work for every person, as we are all so different metabolically. Tailoring a plan to meet the individual where they are at is crucial and necessary, and she can help you do just that!

Shana and her husband have three busy and active children. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, running, researching, traveling and cheering her children on in whatever they pursue. Shana has completed 2 marathons and multiple half marathons (she lost count!). She is a lifelong learner who is excited to utilize her training as a Food Enzyme Institute certified Digestive Health Professional to assist you in your health journey!

Kris Priebe, Administrative Assistant

Kris Priebe joined Alo Health in August of 2016 as Administrative Assistant. She has a bachelor’s degree from UW-Oshkosh and brings ten years of administrative experience with her. She is personable, compassionate, dependable and organized and serves Alo Health’s clients and business well.

Away from the office, Kris enjoys walking, yoga, kayaking, gardening, crafting and snuggling her dog. She and her husband are looking forward to being empty nesters, supporting their girls on the golf course and gathering with family and friends.

Toni VerVoort, Practitioner Assistant

Toni Ver Voort has joined our Alo Health team as a part-time practitioner assistant in March 2018. Prior to coming on board, she has and continues to be Manager of the Ver Voort household. She previously has homeschooled her four children for nine years. In her free time, she is normally at her boy’s baseball or football games or watching one of her daughter’s Fine Arts productions. She also enjoys taking long walks with her husband and dog, Belle. Toni will be supporting Kristyn, Jen and Shana with daily client needs. She looks forward to being a part of helping others feel better and making healthy changes to their lives.