Passion for helping people reach their wellness potential by supplementing their medical care with additional wellness, nutritional, enzyme therapy and lifestyle education – that’s what drives the staff at Alo Health, LLC. They help people restore health and resolve symptoms, naturally.

Kristyn Madalinski, RN, Clinic Director

Kristyn Madalinski, RN, Certified Digestive Health Specialist, overcame her chronic health issues naturally using diet and nutritional supplementation and is passionate about offering similar hope and healing to others. Chronic health disorders, digestive or otherwise, often start with nutritional excesses or deficiencies. Proper testing finds the cause and defines the recommendations needed to restore health and wellness.

After receiving her Registered Nursing license twenty-three years ago, Kristyn Madalinski worked her first twelve years in traditional medicine before launching a restorative health practice.

After receiving a diagnosis of depression, starting medication, and being told she would need that medication lifelong, she started researching the disease. She discovered an integrative medical approach to depression and underwent alternative medical treatment. Within six months, she weaned off her medications and has been thriving ever since.

That event changed the course of her career and she has practiced in the restorative health field since her recovery. She has received training under holistic practitioners and has been a health and wellness coach for hundreds of individuals. Her passion is to unlock health and wellness by finding the true cause of chronic disease symptoms. Her certification as a Digestive Health Specialist from the Loomis Institute in Madison, Wisconsin enables her to do just that.

Tracy Devroy – Digestive Health Professional, Clinic Practitioner

Tracy Devroy is a Certified Digestive Health Professional through the Food Enzyme Institute in Madison, Wisconsin. She is a Clinic Practitioner at Alo Health and an essential partner to clients in their wellness journey. Tracy has a degree in Biology and Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and experience as a Nursing Assistant in an intensive care setting. Tracy’s passion for holistic health and healing developed in high school when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As the eldest child, the news of her mother’s diagnosis inspired her to research ways to help. Nutrition became a passionate topic for her as she spent time learning about holistic health, nutrition and other wellness topics. Tracy likes to create healthy recipes, be active, travel, and cherishes time with family and friends.

Tracy enjoys reading and researching all topics health and wellness. She enjoys putting together the puzzle pieces for clients. She bases her findings on the present symptoms, physical exam, dietary log and the nutritional analysis to determine the best dietary modifications and nutritional supplements for each individual.

Tracy has overcome her own health issues of indigestion and abdominal pain with the use of quality probiotics and enzymes specific to her body. Tracy enjoys restoring health to clients who experience digestive issues including heartburn, gas pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. She also enjoys helping those with other common symptoms including headaches, anxiety, irritability, restlessness, sleeplessness, muscle cramping, menstrual irregularity or cramping, loss of energy, fatigue, dry skin, inability to conceive and others. Tracy believes in preventive health and the programs at Alo Health can guide you to living your healthiest life!

Connie Hoehne, Office Administrator

Connie Hoehne has been with Alo Health since 2016, overseeing all of the administrative tasks in the office as Office Administrator. Previously to joining Alo Health, she was a Domestic Engineer. She managed her home while Home Schooling her three children. This experience has prepared her to be able to multitask well. She is passionate about the care of people as a whole; physically, mentally, and spiritually. Connie handles receptionist duties, financial matters such as client billing, accounts payable, and banking.

Kris Priebe, Administrative Assistant

Kris Priebe joined Alo Health in August of 2016 as Administrative Assistant. She has a bachelor’s degree from UW-Oshkosh and brings ten years of administrative experience with her. She is personable, compassionate, dependable and organized and serves Alo Health’s clients and business well.

Away from the office, Kris enjoys walking, yoga, kayaking, gardening, crafting and snuggling her dog. She and her husband are looking forward to being empty nesters, supporting their girls on the golf course and gathering with family and friends.

Toni VerVoort, Practitioner Assistant

Toni Ver Voort has joined our Alo Health team as a part-time practitioner assistant in March 2018. Prior to coming on board, she has and continues to be Manager of the Ver Voort household. She previously has homeschooled her four children for nine years. In her free time, she is normally at her boy’s baseball or football games or watching one of her daughter’s Fine Arts productions. She also enjoys taking long walks with her husband and dog, Belle. Toni will be supporting Kristyn and Tracy with daily client needs. She looks forward to being a part of helping others feel better and making healthy changes to their lives.