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"Alo" is a Latin word meaning, "to nourish, to strengthen, to sustain". Our mission at Alo Health, LLC is educating individuals to nourish and strengthen their bodies, sustaining health and wellness lifelong.
We have a passion for helping people reach their wellness potential by supplementing their medical care with additional wellness, nutritional, enzyme therapy, and lifestyle education - that's what drives us at Alo Health, LLC. We help people restore health and resolve symptoms, naturally.

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Alo Health, LLC offers individual health and wellness programs as well as community-based support groups and educational seminars. Our nutritional and enzyme therapy helps to improve digestion and overall health, while often reducing the need for prescription drugs. We have assisted clients dealing with Acid Reflux, ADHD, Migraines, Weight Loss, High Blood Pressure, and other health-related issues.
We want to ensure you have all of the information you need to choose Alo Health as your health and wellness partner. Let us explain our programs, answer frequently asked questions and discuss associated costs.

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Corrected by Nutrition

My ‘lightbulbs’ are: Over 40 your body slows the production of hydrochloric acid, so the amount of working enzymes in your digestive system decreases. That a lot of the food we eat isn’t digested properly in our system, so it sits in […]

Improved Thyroid Issues

Watch a video testimonial of a customer we helped on the path to wellness.

See the Video - Improved Thyroid Issues

Received a Flu Shot…

I had just received a flu shot two days prior to testing out the Zyto machine, and the Zyto program was able to pick that up and recommend the appropriate products to help my body process the vaccine!– C.K.

Zyto Service is Awesome…

This Zyto service is awesome! It takes a few short minutes and knows what’s going on in your body. This scan shows everything that’s going on in your body from organs to emotions. I have known about having PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) for […]


The Zyto report not only confirmed that I was under an unhealthy amount of stress, but also was able to pinpoint the emotions that were most plaguing me – frustration and fear, as well as determine which body organs were being affected […]

Covered all the Bases…

Covered all the bases throughly. Everything was explained very well in terms I could understand. I am very confident on what to get at the store to eat and best foods to focus on for my current Healing and recovery after my […]

Choose from our specialty services to help reach your wellness potential. Supplementing your medical care with additional wellness, nutritional, enzyme therapy, complimentary therapies and lifestyle education ensures that you you address the whole person – that’s what drives us. We help people restore health and resolve symptoms, naturally.